Superhuman Training Requires Superhuman Dedication


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Superhuman powers are not easy to come by, let’s just set that straight. Through my observations, I have come to notice and realize that even high level kung fu masters and chi masters (that we know of) do not possess much power at all when we think about the kind of power that humans could potentially wield. Even, let’s say, a certain master of Nei Kung (or neigong), who has been training for a good 50 years or more, still does not possess enough power or energy to be able to fully levitate in the air (fly), or even simply knock down a standing brick.

Look, I am not trying to look down on or belittle the ‘masters’ who have obviously dedicated their lives to increasing their power and skill levels, but when we look at true power, such as picking up a car with our mind and throwing it with telekinesis, then the power that these chi energy masters possess is very tiny, and on a very low level, not even at an elementary level (compared to what is actually possible). Even though I include myself in this group of low-level energy masters, I at least have the openness and the balls to actually tell it how it is. I may come across as appearing arrogant in this blog post to some people reading this, and in this respect, I don’t care. If we are training for powerful superhuman abilities (like I am), we must accept the fact that we have a long way to go and an extreme level of dedication in our training before we can achieve even a fraction of the level of power that humans are actually capable of achieving.

I write this blog post not to throw a negative light on kung fu or chi energy masters around the world, but I write it as something positive that will hopefully push us to train harder in ur own individual practice, and push us to strive to reach higher and higher levels of superhuman ability. This blog post is designed as a kick in the ass to all of us (including myself of course) who have the goal of one day transforming ourselves into true superhuman beings on planet Earth.


Chris Zanetti.


Creating A Reality Where Superhuman Powers Are Normal


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Is it enough to live life as a normal human being? Why do we feel this urge, this pull, deep within us, to develop and transform ourselves into superhuman beings, and why would we set ourselves such high and lofty goals that to ‘normal’ people would seem totally impossible to attain?

The answer, or should I say, my answer, is that we have a much deeper understanding and grasp on the actual nature of reality, and of the Universe. What do I mean by this? I mean that we understand that reality is not what it is just by accident, but that, by the power of our mind, we can become the architects of reality itself, shaping the very fabric of the physical environment in which we exist. Let us use the example of human flight. Almost every human on this planet holds the strong belief that human beings cannot, by the power of their mind, lift or levitate off the ground, into the air, and fly. These humans have created, by the very nature of their thoughts and desires, a reality which absolutely does not allow them to ever experience (superhuman) flight as a human being.

The problem is that most who have these (negative) beliefs did not form or originate the belief themselves, but it was placed into their minds by the people around them, and especially by the society in which they are living. This negative belief (that humans cannot fly) is a virus or a disease, and they have been infected by this disease. This debilitating disease prevents them from ever experiencing flight as a human being using only the power of the mind.

These are, of course, just my personal opinions and thoughts on a subject that is close to my heart, and so I have great passion for this particular subject. I am not saying that we are right and they are wrong, but what I am saying is that through careful creation, use, and application of our thoughts, we can develop belief systems that will allow us to do what most would consider impossible.

Really, what I am saying is that by crafting and sculpting the reality that we want, we can teach and train ourselves to perform acts which in other ‘normal’ peoples eyes would be considered as miracles, or ‘acts of God’.


Chris Zanetti.

Telekinesis – How Does It Really Happen?


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Many people think that brainwaves are not powerful enough to cause a telekinetic effect, making objects move, and they believe that telekinesis is only possible through the use of chi energy. However, I find this theory difficult to accept, and I think it is quite a small-minded approach to have of something as mysterious as telekinesis.

What I want to address and focus on here is the subject of anger, and how many people, including myself, have experienced objects moving or falling down in the same room as us, but not even close to us, often on the other side of the room. This may indeed be a result of an explosion of chi energy as our anger emotions erupt in a wave across the room, causing external physical objects to move slightly and lose balance, but really, I think it is more a case of the powerful brainwaves that are emanating from our minds during the peak moments of our anger.

However, I am not blind to the idea that chi energy and mind energy may be one and the same thing, or entwined together, because it has always been said by the wise and ancient masters that chi energy follows, and is directed, by the mind, or more specifically, the thoughts. Whatever the case may be, we should continue with our training in chi energy development or telekinesis with the hopes of one day cracking the code to these ancient and mystical abilities.


Chris Zanetti.

How To Unlock Your Supernatural Powers


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Many people training in the psychic and supernatural arts have been left disappointed and frustrated, because even after years of training, they have found themselves to be no more powerful than when they first begun training. These people often quit their training and return to the normal world.

These people gave up their training to attain supernatural powers because they lacked a certain level of faith and belief in themselves. If you have tried to achieve something in life, and it seems that it always remains outside of your reach, then sometimes, it is only the power of faith that can allow you to keep going, even though success seems to elude you at every turn. Sometimes even your self-belief can waver and faulter, and doubts begin to creep into your mind. However, if your faith is sufficiently strong enough, it will carry you through the difficult times in your training. Times where you feel like you are making no progress at all.

I just want to remind you, my fellow superhumans-in-training, that if you continue and persevere in your training, in your great quest to achieve supernatural abilities, then it is indeed possible that with the power of faith (along with consistent training) you may one day reach your goal of becoming a powerful supernatural being!


Chris Zanetti

Crystal Sorcerer


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crystal sorcerer

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You Doubt My Power?


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doubt me

There are some people who doubt my potential ability for defying the forces of gravity and rising into the air. There is no room for these people in my life. For those who have faith in me, I thank you, and I ask you to continue to stand by my side, encouraging me, inspiring me, and pushing me to achieve the thing that no human has ever demonstrated to the world before … the skill of levitation and human flight!

And to those that do doubt my potential power, I ask you to please remove the doubt from your heart, and replace it with faith.

Love & respects,

Chris Zanetti.


Training Update


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I am focusing more and more now on increasing the power of the energy required for body levitation and ultimately human flight. I am finding that it takes an extremely high degree of concentration and willpower to bring this levitation energy into reality. The intense focus on this energy can be very draining, emotionally, mentally & spiritually, and at the moment I can only hold the high level of energy for a few seconds at most. Todays flight training session was my best to date. I learned a lot being ‘in the zone’ even for just a few seconds.

I am of course still training in telekinesis, but I am discovering more and more as the weeks pass by that my highest passion, my highest desire, is to learn human flight. This is my ultimate goal, as many of you are already aware. I know that there are many of you out there who share the same dream as I … the dream of flying, and I am sure that you are also making good progress in your own training. Let’s begin to come together, to train as a group, a team, a family! Let’s show the world what we humans (or superhumans) are really capable of!

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Love & respects!

My new book ‘Superhuman Training’ is now available!!!


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Chris Zanetti.

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Expanding the Mind & Connecting with Source


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Mind Power

I am just recently beginning to enter new realms of exploration regarding the ultimate source power. It seems a connection must first be established before any significant power can be controlled through willpower or intent. As you may know, for many years I have been searching for the key to connecting with the supreme energy, and now I feel as though I have taken an important step forward in my understandings of the workings of the mind, and of the universe.