Telekinesis – How Does It Really Happen?


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Many people think that brainwaves are not powerful enough to cause a telekinetic effect, making objects move, and they believe that telekinesis is only possible through the use of chi energy. However, I find this theory difficult to accept, and I think it is quite a small-minded approach to have of something as mysterious as telekinesis.

What I want to address and focus on here is the subject of anger, and how many people, including myself, have experienced objects moving or falling down in the same room as us, but not even close to us, often on the other side of the room. This may indeed be a result of an explosion of chi energy as our anger emotions erupt in a wave across the room, causing external physical objects to move slightly and lose balance, but really, I think it is more a case of the powerful brainwaves that are emanating from our minds during the peak moments of our anger.

However, I am not blind to the idea that chi energy and mind energy may be one and the same thing, or entwined together, because it has always been said by the wise and ancient masters that chi energy follows, and is directed, by the mind, or more specifically, the thoughts. Whatever the case may be, we should continue with our training in chi energy development or telekinesis with the hopes of one day cracking the code to these ancient and mystical abilities.


Chris Zanetti.

How To Unlock Your Supernatural Powers


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Many people training in the psychic and supernatural arts have been left disappointed and frustrated, because even after years of training, they have found themselves to be no more powerful than when they first begun training. These people often quit their training and return to the normal world.

These people gave up their training to attain supernatural powers because they lacked a certain level of faith and belief in themselves. If you have tried to achieve something in life, and it seems that it always remains outside of your reach, then sometimes, it is only the power of faith that can allow you to keep going, even though success seems to elude you at every turn. Sometimes even your self-belief can waver and faulter, and doubts begin to creep into your mind. However, if your faith is sufficiently strong enough, it will carry you through the difficult times in your training. Times where you feel like you are making no progress at all.

I just want to remind you, my fellow superhumans-in-training, that if you continue and persevere in your training, in your great quest to achieve supernatural abilities, then it is indeed possible that with the power of faith (along with consistent training) you may one day reach your goal of becoming a powerful supernatural being!


Chris Zanetti

Crystal Sorcerer


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crystal sorcerer

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You Doubt My Power?


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doubt me

There are some people who doubt my potential ability for defying the forces of gravity and rising into the air. There is no room for these people in my life. For those who have faith in me, I thank you, and I ask you to continue to stand by my side, encouraging me, inspiring me, and pushing me to achieve the thing that no human has ever demonstrated to the world before … the skill of levitation and human flight!

And to those that do doubt my potential power, I ask you to please remove the doubt from your heart, and replace it with faith.

Love & respects,

Chris Zanetti.


Training Update


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I am focusing more and more now on increasing the power of the energy required for body levitation and ultimately human flight. I am finding that it takes an extremely high degree of concentration and willpower to bring this levitation energy into reality. The intense focus on this energy can be very draining, emotionally, mentally & spiritually, and at the moment I can only hold the high level of energy for a few seconds at most. Todays flight training session was my best to date. I learned a lot being ‘in the zone’ even for just a few seconds.

I am of course still training in telekinesis, but I am discovering more and more as the weeks pass by that my highest passion, my highest desire, is to learn human flight. This is my ultimate goal, as many of you are already aware. I know that there are many of you out there who share the same dream as I … the dream of flying, and I am sure that you are also making good progress in your own training. Let’s begin to come together, to train as a group, a team, a family! Let’s show the world what we humans (or superhumans) are really capable of!

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Love & respects!

My new book ‘Superhuman Training’ is now available!!!


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Much love & respect,

Chris Zanetti.

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Expanding the Mind & Connecting with Source


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Mind Power

I am just recently beginning to enter new realms of exploration regarding the ultimate source power. It seems a connection must first be established before any significant power can be controlled through willpower or intent. As you may know, for many years I have been searching for the key to connecting with the supreme energy, and now I feel as though I have taken an important step forward in my understandings of the workings of the mind, and of the universe.