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Is it possible to establish a direct connection with the subconscious mind? The truth is I don’t know. However, last night’s psychokinesis training session was interesting, in the fact that I attempted to do just that. My results were above average, and I got good solid rotations from the psi wheel. Connecting DIRECTLY with the subconscious mind is just something I wanted to experiment (play) with, even though I understand that it may not be possible, as I’m aware of the HUGE power that lurks in our subconscious. If this could be achieved though, it certainly would lend itself very nicely to the practice of PK.

It seems what we are lacking is RAW POWER, that raw energy that we can feel inside & around us, but we just can’t seem to grasp, or connect with. I know in every cell of my body that I am a supremely powerful being, and of course, so are you. But we really need to start thinking creatively to find some way of tapping into the ‘universal energy’ that pervades everything. If the highly respected John Chang can tap into this power to create fire, then it IS possible that we can learn to tap into this power too. The question is HOW?

Fellow psions, your thoughts & comments will be most appreciated on this subject 🙂