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During a psychokinesis training session (psi wheel) a few nights ago, I came up with an interesting analogy regarding PK training. I started to think of the psi wheel as a sailboat floating on a vast ocean, and my mind power as the wind, enabling the sailboat (psi wheel) to move across the ocean. I was thinking that no matter how many sailboats were floating on the ocean, it would take the same amount of wind to move all of them as it  would to move just one sailboat. What I mean is that if I had ten psi wheels on my desk in front of me, in theory it shouldn’t take any more energy (mind power) to move all ten psi wheels, than it takes to move just one. I will of course test this theory in the coming weeks, and I’ll let you know the results. Maybe you’ve already tested this theory, and if so, share your thoughts with us (comment below), so we can all benefit from your experience.  Thanks 🙂