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I’ve just completed my best ever psychokinesis psi wheel training session. Just 10 minutes of training, but it turned out to be highly productive. As you may know, I am training for higher rotation speeds with the psi wheel, as a measurement to gauge my PK progress. Well, for months I’ve been thinking it over and over in my head, trying to work out the secret formula for attaining a faster psi wheel. Up ’til now I’ve been able to get good steady rotations from the psi wheel, but nowhere near the speed I envisioned in my mind. 

It seems I may have just had a minor breakthrough today, although I won’t know for sure until I test it again and again over the next few days, just to be sure. It seems the ‘secret’ to a faster psi wheel is much simpler than I imagined it would be. I won’t divulge the secret just yet, because as I just said, I have further testing to do to confirm my theory.

I may post a video on my Youtube channel over the next few days, that’s if I can manage to get some good video footage of my faster psi wheel. If you have any comments, questions, or theories of your own, please feel free to comment below & share your thoughts. Thanks 🙂