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A couple of days ago, for the first time ever, I witnessed the raw power of pk/chi/energy or whatever you want to call it. It happened twice within the space of 1 hour.

Don’t get too excited, it was only brief & for a split-second.

First was the standing piece of foil. I was practicing ‘pull’ technique. Normally, when I see the foil fall down, it just falls down at normal relaxed/lazy speed. But this time, the piece of foil hit the deck super-fast. There was no normal falling motion, it was just…Bang! like a force had pushed it. It fell as though gravity was 20 times stronger. Well this was a first for me, so I’m super-happy to have witnessed it.

Second time was about 30 minutes later as I was practicing with psi wheel. These days, I’ve been letting the psi wheel choose its own direction to spin, so I can focus more on technique. Well, anyway, as normal, the psi wheel was doing it’s thing, nothing special, just slowly move back & forth, then suddenly for a split-second…Bam!! it reverses at hyper-speed then stops dead! Wow! I couldn’t believe me eyes. I know I’d just witnessed the hidden forces of the Universe at work here. It only moved at hyper-speed for about 1/8th of a rotation, but it was quite mind-blowing.

I don’t know why these 2 things happened in the same morning. Maybe something’s trying to tell me to push on ahead with my training, and stop being lazy when it comes to showing true dedication to PK practice. Well anyway, whatever the reason, it has given me the motivation & inspiration to keep on going in spite of the seemingly slow progress that I’ve been getting lately.

Even though I didn’t feel like training that morning, I did, and I got awesome feedback from the Universe.

This has taught me that amazing things can suddenly happen during the most mundane training sessions.

So my fellow psions, stick with the training, and the rewards will come, sooner or later.

Peace, respect & love to you all,

Chris Z.