Very interesting PK training session this evening. Still trying to figure out the correct brainwave frequency/vibration to move objects. I seemed to get better results when I tried to smooth the brainwaves so that they were almost flat, so it was like one long continuous wave of energy, with no ups & downs. When I projected this brainwave pattern, I could feel an immensely peaceful feeling, as if I had locked on to a ‘special’ frequency or vibration.

Psi wheel is becoming faster recently with every month that passes. There is hardly any work/effort on my part to keep the psi wheel going. I just seem to lock into a frequency and it just starts spinning.

Regarding ping pong ball PK training. If I can just learn to make a ball roll from a still position, or even just make it twitch slightly, that will be a HUGE breakthrough for me. Must put in more time each day with this training.