During my PK push/pull training session tonight, I had an interesting insight. A new theory entered my mind regarding emitting energy from the body. I’ve noticed more and more recently in pictures of buddha, both in paintings & statues of buddha, where he has one hand raised in a strictly vertical fashion in front of his stomach/chest area, palm facing outwards. This must surely have some profound significance.

My theory is that energy can be projected out from a certain spot in the palms of our hands. This theory correlates to the way Spiderman shoots his web, in the way that he has to really pull back is fingers to release the web (energy). Also Magneto from X-men uses the same kind of technique when using his energy…fingers extended back to reveal his palm. The technique is used by countless other fictional superhero characters.

The point is that usually when ‘they’ try hide secret or powerful knowledge, ‘they’ will hide it in plain sight, so that it looks too obvious to be taken seriously. Well, I have decided to take it seriously, and I’ll be studying this (possible) energy technique over the next few weeks, to see if it has any validity. Peace my friends 🙂