Okay, so the last few weeks and months, I’ve been devoting more of my time to spiritual training & raising my consciousness & awareness. Telekinesis training has been very minimal and the only TK training I’ve been doing, has been passive training, while doing other everyday tasks.

Today I was training with the psi wheel. During my training session, I was deep in thought, and a new theory came to me. It is not so much a new theory in the world of science, but it was new for me, in that I really REALLY believed it was true for the first time today. So, seeing as I was training with the psi wheel, I decided to put the theory to the test. Indeed, the theory does seem to hold some weight, and the psi wheel responded well to my new approach.

This theory that I speak of is very similar to the Zero Point Energy theory that is gaining more popularity among open-minded (quantum) scientists these days. When an object moves via mind power, the object has to draw from some kind of energy source. It needs energy to move. That, we can all agree is a natural law of the Universe. So the question arises … where does this energy come from. My theory is that the object is not using energy from our mind, but it is drawing energy from the surrounding environment (the air or the ‘ether’).

If you like, this energy field is the same energy field as The Force in the Star Wars movies. To move objects, Luke doesn’t use his mind (although that is an essential component). Luke uses The Force to cause an object to move. This same energy (Force) is what I think I’m using in my own telekinesis training, only I didn’t realize it fully up until now.