Just finished a 15-minute levitation training session (with psi wheel), and I was having the thoughts (regarding the nature of physical matter) that maybe matter doesn’t understand ‘words’ when trying to communicate with it. I was talking to the object (piece of tinfoil) requesting/commanding that it rise up/get lighter/levitate in order to complete my objective. But I noticed that forming the words in my mind, and projecting those words to the object, in an attempt to ‘communicate’ with the object, didn’t seem right somehow. Of course, matter is not going to speak English (or any other verbal human language), so the logical conclusion I made was that matter can only be interacted with, or communicated to, through feeling. And feeling involves emotion to some degree. So I figured that the language of communication that MATTER can understand, is FEELING.

Therefore, in order to give the command for the tinfoil to rise up higher, I had to convert the words/images into a feeling-based form of language. I had to experience the actual feeling of levitation in my own body/mind, so that the target object could understand what I want.

So the next time you are training in psychokinesis, whatever form of kinesis it may be, try focusing more on feeling, if you haven’t already done so. Think of it from the objects point of view, and then try to make it easier for the object to understand your commands. Of course, this isn’t a new theory, but I wanted to share it with you because I just had a direct experience of it myself in my training. Peace my fellow psions.