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On 1st January 2013, I will begin a 12-week long intensive levitation training schedule, ending at the end of March. My passion for learning levitation and flight has brought me to a place where a need to train harder & with more focus. During these 12 weeks, I plan to gain a much better, much clearer understanding of the sensations, feelings, and mindset (or consciousness) required for actual levitation. This does not mean I’ll be training for 10 hours every day, as I have ‘normal’ life to live too, with certain commitments, just like you. But it does mean that I will be dedicating 2 – 3 hours exclusively to levitation and flight training every day.

I humbly request that during this 12-week training period, that you, my fellow psions, would telepathically send me ‘levitation energy’ or ‘rising energy’, that may allow me to utilize optimum energy levels for my levitation training. Your ‘thought-energy’ support would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll post various updates here on this website to let you know how this training period is going, as I know that many of you also have the desire to learn levitation, and it is good to share information. At the end of the 12-week training period, I’ll post a video on my Youtube channel, detailing the whole 12-week intensive training experience, and whether or not I was able to gain any beneficial insights into the art of levitation and flight training. Much love & respect!