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levitation of rock

I’m in the middle of a levitation training session tonight (tinfoil balanced on needle), and want to comment on just how sensitive this levitation energy is. The mind vibration required is of such a delicate frequency that it is almost impossible to describe with words! It is almost other-worldly in nature. Certainly not a level of vibration or frequency that we humans use on a normal day-to-day basis. It feels like going beyond the natural human experience, and into the supernatural state of awareness.

This may or may not help you in your own training. As I say, it is hard to describe in words. There is not really a language for this kind of thing. It is way beyond language, and is purely a feeling-based form of communication with the natural forces around us. It is a delicate balance of willpower and emotion/feeling. The willpower is used to direct & power the object upwards, or make it rise. The emotion/feeling is the communication between you and the object.

I will continue my training now, but I just felt inspired to share this information with you. Much love and much respect.