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I am focusing more and more now on increasing the power of the energy required for body levitation and ultimately human flight. I am finding that it takes an extremely high degree of concentration and willpower to bring this levitation energy into reality. The intense focus on this energy can be very draining, emotionally, mentally & spiritually, and at the moment I can only hold the high level of energy for a few seconds at most. Todays flight training session was my best to date. I learned a lot being ‘in the zone’ even for just a few seconds.

I am of course still training in telekinesis, but I am discovering more and more as the weeks pass by that my highest passion, my highest desire, is to learn human flight. This is my ultimate goal, as many of you are already aware. I know that there are many of you out there who share the same dream as I … the dream of flying, and I am sure that you are also making good progress in your own training. Let’s begin to come together, to train as a group, a team, a family! Let’s show the world what we humans (or superhumans) are really capable of!

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Love & respects!