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Many people training in the psychic and supernatural arts have been left disappointed and frustrated, because even after years of training, they have found themselves to be no more powerful than when they first begun training. These people often quit their training and return to the normal world.

These people gave up their training to attain supernatural powers because they lacked a certain level of faith and belief in themselves. If you have tried to achieve something in life, and it seems that it always remains outside of your reach, then sometimes, it is only the power of faith that can allow you to keep going, even though success seems to elude you at every turn. Sometimes even your self-belief can waver and faulter, and doubts begin to creep into your mind. However, if your faith is sufficiently strong enough, it will carry you through the difficult times in your training. Times where you feel like you are making no progress at all.

I just want to remind you, my fellow superhumans-in-training, that if you continue and persevere in your training, in your great quest to achieve supernatural abilities, then it is indeed possible that with the power of faith (along with consistent training) you may one day reach your goal of becoming a powerful supernatural being!


Chris Zanetti