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Superhuman powers are not easy to come by, let’s just set that straight. Through my observations, I have come to notice and realize that even high level kung fu masters and chi masters (that we know of) do not possess much power at all when we think about the kind of power that humans could potentially wield. Even, let’s say, a certain master of Nei Kung (or neigong), who has been training for a good 50 years or more, still does not possess enough power or energy to be able to fully levitate in the air (fly), or even simply knock down a standing brick.

Look, I am not trying to look down on or belittle the ‘masters’ who have obviously dedicated their lives to increasing their power and skill levels, but when we look at true power, such as picking up a car with our mind and throwing it with telekinesis, then the power that these chi energy masters possess is very tiny, and on a very low level, not even at an elementary level (compared to what is actually possible). Even though I include myself in this group of low-level energy masters, I at least have the openness and the balls to actually tell it how it is. I may come across as appearing arrogant in this blog post to some people reading this, and in this respect, I don’t care. If we are training for powerful superhuman abilities (like I am), we must accept the fact that we have a long way to go and an extreme level of dedication in our training before we can achieve even a fraction of the level of power that humans are actually capable of achieving.

I write this blog post not to throw a negative light on kung fu or chi energy masters around the world, but I write it as something positive that will hopefully push us to train harder in ur own individual practice, and push us to strive to reach higher and higher levels of superhuman ability. This blog post is designed as a kick in the ass to all of us (including myself of course) who have the goal of one day transforming ourselves into true superhuman beings on planet Earth.


Chris Zanetti.