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I recently watched the new Avengers movie Infinity War and there was one character in that movie who sparked a fire of inspiration within my soul, regarding supernatural powers, or should I say ‘god powers’. This godly being who I refer to goes by the name of Ebony Maw. I won’t dwell on who this individual is, or his role in the movie, but just near the beginning of the movie where he was demonstrating some of his telekinesis powers in the middle of a city, fighting against Doctor Strange and Iron Man. This one scene alone, out of the whole movie, inspired me with such enthusiasm and fuel for my own supernatural training, that it was enough for me to go and watch the movie again a second time.

Those who know what I’m referring to, will understand the incredible power that is possible for us to acquire, if only we have the correct knowledge and do the correct training.

Ebony Maw’s telekinetic powers were so absolutely incredible and amazing to witness, and he was able to generate so much power, with seemingly so little effort. Just a flick of his finger was enough to hurl massive objects around in his vicinity. This is, for me, the most impressive display of pure and unadulterated telekinetic power that I have ever witnessed in all the ‘superpower’ movies I have ever seen.

What makes this character, Ebony Maw, even more intriguing and likeable is his lack of ego, and even though he possesses incredible powers, he remains modest and even exudes a calm confidence, amidst a raging storm of flying debris and danger.

I think what really hit me with Ebony Maw, was his absolute faith and conviction of his own power, and there was no doubt in his mind that he had superior powers compared to the other ‘superheroes’ around him (even though he is defeated rather easily later in the movie due to a sly trick by Spider-Man).

I guess what I am trying to express here is that we can learn so much from Ebony Maw, even just from the short time that he appeared in this movie. We can learn that ego (or lack of it) may play a major role in the acquisition of serious (and god-like) telekinetic powers, and that having complete and absolute conviction and faith in yourself and your abilities is a fundamental requirement on the path to developing god-like powers, such as those that we have the pleasure and privilege of seeing from Ebony Maw. Is he the greatest super-villain ever to have graced a movie theater screen? I think so. What do you think? 🙂


Chris Zanetti.