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Why do humans go through life, not just ignoring, but denying their potential for greatness that lies buried within them, just waiting to be discovered, like a rare and beautiful gemstone? Why is it, that although we feel this calling within us, that we look the other way, and pretend that we are powerless to change ourselves, and in turn, change the world?

The truth is that we fear our own potential greatness. Society has conditioned us not to stand out, to be reserved and modest, and to ‘fit in’ to the prison of modern society and culture. A lion in its natural environment is not modest. Muhammad Ali was not modest. Bruce Lee was not modest. These great examples of humans who have risen up to achieve amazing success in the world, although having their own personal character flaws, did not ‘fit in’ with the ‘norms’ of society, which is why even today they are revered and respected as great individuals, so shouldn’t this be an indication of what type of path we should follow if we also desire to achieve greatness and break out of the ranks of ‘normal’ or ‘average’ human beings?

We should strive for greatness, especially in the area of the attainment of supernatural powers, and to do so we need to go against the grain of what is expected of us from the society in which we live. This seems to be the only sane course of action for achieving true greatness in this world. To do the opposite of what ‘normal’ people consider to be normal.

This particular blog post is not about imparting secret knowledge of occult powers, but is more to provoke introspective observation regarding the fact that even though society has been engineered in a way to keep us average and modest, that when certain people do break this mold, blow their own trumpet so to speak, toot their own horn, and even act cocky or arrogant (which of course can be mistaken for a high level of confidence and self-belief), that these people are greatly respected, although sometimes not liked, by the majority of people who exist in this ocean of averageness that passes for modern society.

It is not my intention to offend anyone here, but rather, I am expressing my wish for more people around the world to allow the outward expression of that great and powerful being that exists in every one of us, and to allow the world to be inspired by our courage and our faith to fully become the incredible being that the Creator designed us to be.


Chris Zanetti.