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Over the many years that I have been training in telekinesis, I have experimented with combining the use of emotions to try to move the target object, and I have also experimented with various different techniques using an emotionless state, where my mind is devoid of all emotions.

Over time, I have heard many people comment on the effectiveness of using anger in telekinesis to move the target object. I have experimented briefly at times when I have been naturally angry for some reason or another, where I tried to force an object to move just through the sheer power of the emotional anger energy I was feeling in my mind and body at those times, and I can say that I have had no success with that method. However, I should add that certain objects in the room have fallen down when I have been in highly emotional (angry) states. Perhaps the objects falling down were just coincidences, but I do not think so, because it has happened too often to be mere coincidence. It seems that the anger energy (or just the high emotional energy in general) randomly caused objects in the room to move, without any direct focus or conscious intention to move the objects. So it is clear that high emotional energy can trigger the movement of objects in a room via unintentional telekinetic energy.

Having said all that, I have personally had much more success in my telekinesis training sessions when I have intentionally removed all emotions from my mind, and my mind has been empty and pure, except for the thought in my mind of the object moving in the way I want it to move. More specifically, I am talking about psi wheel training and telekinesis push or pull training. The theory is that if the mind is free from all emotion, then it might have more room for the supernatural energy to flow and express itself, here in the form of telekinesis.

In conclusion, we still do not know what the optimum training conditions are for telekinesis, and whether or not to use emotional energy when attempting to move the object. Humans are humans, but each human is unique in their own way. Everyone is different, which means certain telekinesis mind techniques will work better for some than for others, and that the use of emotional energy in telekinesis, whether it be angry energy or happy energy, is a personal thing for each individual. No one technique or ‘way’ is right or wrong, and we have to remember that there are many paths that lead to the top of the mountain.

What do you think? Have you personally had experience with emotional energy in telekinesis? Or have random objects moved in your room when you were angry? Leave a comment and let me know.


Chris Zanetti.


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