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Atmokinesis is, as we know, the term that refers to the ability to control or manipulate the elements of the atmosphere, or rather, the atmospheric (weather) conditions, such as clouds, wind, rain, and so on. The atmokinesis ability concerning the control of clouds is commonly known as cloudbusting among us psions, and it is indeed a fun and satisfying skill to have. In this blog post, I want to touch upon just the very basic and fundamental aspects of cloudbusting, and perhaps another time, we can go more in-depth on this subject.

First, let me quickly define cloudbusting. Cloudbusting is the ability to target and focus on one or more cloud formations, but usually small lone clouds (that present less difficulty), and by using the mind, or the psychic senses, we are able to literally remove or delete that cloud from the sky. I prefer to use the word ‘disintegrate’, whereby I am focused on making the particular cloud disintegrate and disappear from the sky.

There is nothing complicated at all about cloudbusting, and it can be attempted by any person anywhere around the world, without having any previous background in psychic abilities or supernatural powers. Many are surprised at how quickly they can develop skill in this psychic discipline.

The task is to simply select a small cloud in the sky, and focus on it 100% with your mind, with the thought in your mind that by the power of your will and intent, that cloud is going to disintegrate and disappear within just a few short minutes. The speed at which you can make the cloud disappear of course reflects the skill level of the person doing the work. A person highly advanced in cloudbusting should be able to ‘delete’ or ‘remove’ a cloud from the sky within about one minute, where a person of lesser skill may take around 3 or 4 minutes, and a beginner may take up to 10 minutes to cause the cloud to disappear from the sky.

The mental process I use (which can be different for everyone) when cloudbusting, is to put 100% of my focus and attention only on that one particular cloud, and in my mind I actually visualize the cloud not being there and just seeing the blue sky instead. I repeat over and over in my mind thoughts or ideas of such words as ‘disintegrate’, ‘disappear’ and ‘vanish’. The higher your willpower and intent, the faster the cloud will disappear.

Skeptics may say that the clouds are just disappearing naturally at their own natural speed, but the skeptics are of course ignorant of the true power of thought and intent. I know from experience that when I witness a cloud disappearing before my very eyes, at a very fast rate, that it is not ‘natural’, but that it is more a case of the ‘supernatural‘. I can say that it is 100% the case that the more you practice the more powerful your cloudbusting skills become.

If you, the reader of these words, use a different technique or way of training in atmokinesis and cloudbusting, I would very much like to hear about it, so please share your techniques, or even just your thoughts, in the comment section of this blog post.


Chris Zanetti.


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