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Supernatural powers are portrayed in Hollywood movies as being exciting, fun and sexy, but that is so far from the truth of real-world training for supernatural abilities. If someone is training to develop powers in a movie, it seems as though it only takes them a matter of a few weeks, or even a few days to learn how to control and improve their powers. In reality, developing your powers to higher levels can take not only years, but can take decades in many cases.

The truth is that training to develop supernatural powers is super-hard work. I won’t go so far as to say that it can be boring or mundane, but it definitely can be frustrating when your training is not going as well as you had expected it to. This can lead to problems such as self-doubt, lower confidence in yourself (in terms of your ability to develop supernatural powers), and for some people it can make them feel like they just want to quit and go back to normal life, where things are not so challenging.

The Hollywood movies make supernatural powers look so easy. We have to be totally honest with ourselves, and we have to know that if we REALLY want these powers, then we must do anything and everything we have to do to get them, even if it means sacrificing other activities in our life that bring us joy and happiness, and it means that you must never ever quit your training, no matter how low or disappointed you may be feeling about your lack of progress.

The point I want to make is that we CAN have these supernatural powers that we see in the movies, but that in order to attain them, we absolutely MUST dedicate our whole life to achieving them, whereby supernatural powers are not just an activity or a hobby, but they BECOME your life, and become the all-consuming passion that allows you to stay focused and attain the particluar supernatural power, or powers, that you have chosen to master in your life. Use the powers shown in supernatural movies as fuel or inspiration to push you further in your own real-life training, and use them to help you become a true master of your chosen supernatural ability.


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