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Why aren’t there millions of humans around the planet with the ability to move at least small objects using the power of their mind? The reason is because the energy required to move the object is a very advanced type of spiritual energy or power, and the truth is that almost every human on the planet is nowhere near attaining this high-level energy required for telekinesis. I should also add that it is not just the attainment of this higher spiritual level that is required for telekinesis, but it is a highly advanced understanding and deep realization of the true nature of life, of physical matter, and of consciousness.

It is a combination of these aspects; the spiritual, and the deep level of understanding of life. That is the reason why although there may be many people in the world who have achieved enlightenment, they are unable to perform supernatural or superhuman acts such as telekinesis or levitation. It is because these so-called ‘enlightened’ people have only achieved one half of a whole. Of course, it may be true that many of these spiritually advanced people have no interest whatsoever in attaining supernatural powers, but even so, the fact remains that they do not possess the ability to perform seemingly miraculous acts such as telekinesis and levitation.

Have any of us in this world ever met or witnessed someone doing real telekinesis on an object with substantial weight or mass? Even myself, after years of training in telekinesis, I cannot even make a small metal coin move across a table top. I have actively been pursuing the ability of telekinesis for many years, so what hope is there for the casual person in developing telekinesis, when their heart is not truly in it, when they have not developed a high level of faith, and when, deep down, they don’t really believe that moving large objects with the mind is possible anyway.

Humanity does not yet understand how and why telekinesis could and does occur, simply because their level of spirituality (or understanding of life and reality) still remains at an elementary (or even infantile) level of development. I am not attempting to speak down upon the current state of humanity, but I am just speaking the blunt truth, and those of us who do manage to develop advanced telekinetic abilities in the future, well, we can, for sure, place ourselves in the category of the ‘super-evolved’ beings of planet Earth.


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