This website was created to help unlock the supernatural abilities that currently remain dormant in most human beings. This is a place for psions to learn & also to contribute their own knowledge with other open-minded humans.

I send forth my love & respects to all of you!


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. How can I start Electrokinesis?
    My Progress:
    I sent a little tiny shock that feels like a pinch to 3 of my friends. And I felt in my hands when I made a Psi Ball.
    And Telekinesis & Electrokinesis are the 2 best kinesis I can do yet.

    • I think for electrokinesis, you should be doing 3 types of training:

      1. Psi ball training. Visualize a small (or large) ball of bio-energy, or electricity between your hands.

      2. Electro-flow. With your two index fingers pointing towards each other, close together, see the very light flow of energy between your fingers. With training, you can make this energy flow more visible & stronger.

      3. Hand-charging. Clasp your hands together to make 2 fists, then send all your electrical energy to your hands, and feel the powerful tingling sensation of the elctrical bio-energy. You can make this stronger with training.

      I wish you well in your training my friend.

      Chris Z.

  2. Makenzie Williams said:

    How can I improve my psychokenesis training on the psy wheel?

  3. quero aprender todas, mas não sei como comesar?
    pode me ajudar?!!!!

  4. how to learn levitation . can you send my mail.

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