I was born in 1978, in South Wales, United Kingdom, where I lived until the age of 19. I then moved to the South of England to study Graphic Design at University. At age 30, my adventurous spirit & my yearning for a better, more fulfilling life, led me to make the brave decision to move half way around the world to Bangkok, Thailand, which is where I lived for about 8 years. Moving to Thailand was the best decision I ever made. I now live in a small village in the mountains of north Thailand with my Thai wife at the home we built together.

Within the first year of moving to Thailand, I had already begun training in telekinesis and experimenting with other supernatural powers. To date, I have well over 10 years of training and experience with supernatural powers, but these days I specialize in telekinesis, levitation/flight, and also chi energy to a lesser degree. My life’s goal is to transform myself into a demigod and to be able to fly. I have documented the last 10 years of my life on my YouTube channel that has close to 6 million views.

I have published 4 books to date, and I have many more new exciting books coming soon that have already been written and are awaiting publishing. Many more books and products will be released late 2020 and early 2021.

Be sure to drop by my YouTube channel and say hello 🙂


Chris Zanetti,

P.S.   Check out my other blog on levitation and flight 🙂





33 thoughts on “Bio”

  1. Alex Hernandez said:

    The Power of the Mind is limitless.

  2. Hi,

    I was wondering how you’re making a living in Thailand and why did you choose to move over there as opposed to other countries?

  3. It was my destiny to move across the world to live in Asia. Since I was young, I have always been interested in all things Oriental. Before making the big move to Asia, I considered China, Thailand & Japan. For me, the natural choice was Thailand, because of the tropical climate (I love blue skies & sunshine!), combined with the stunningly beautiful beaches, and low cost of living.
    When I first arrived in Bangkok, I was struggling to make it as an artist, selling my work on the internet mainly to the US market. Then my entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, and I started my own business. And here I am now, almost 3 years later, and my business is slowly but surely becoming more prosperous.
    Thanks for your interest Vee. I wish you much success & happiness in life.

  4. Hi Chris,

    very interesting to find a fellow warrior committed to developing psychokinetic abilities.

    Do you have Skype? We could chat; faster than typing

    best regards,


    • Hi George.

      Thanks for your message. So you too are working on developing the ancient powers of your mind? That’s excellent.

      I don’t use Skype. The best way is to message me on my Youtube channel.

      Love & light my friend,

      Chris Z.

  5. George Weissmann PhD said:

    oh, and by the way email me, please, if you want to talk; I may not check into this Website for a while


  6. Hi,

    what do you think the first thing you should do to start your training?



  7. hi chris,

    i cant get a psi wheel to move. any tips?

    Thanks, 🙂

    • Hi. i had the same problem when i started. it took me a week of one hour practice every evening to get a psi wheel to move. start with a very light & small paper. also i sugest you do deep & slow breathing in & out for at least 10 minutes everytime before you start your training. deep breathing also helps during your attempt to move the psi wheel. now i can move a psi wheel with minimum effort.i hope this info will help.

    • theres another way to move the psi wheel this requires pyrokenisis

      place your hand near the psi wheel,then focuss your hand to heat up eventually the psi wheel will turn

  8. 🙂 – You have to train hard . You wont get it moving by only thinking that you can move it, just you have to train hard. 🙂

  9. Aidan Blackwood said:

    hello chris. may i suggest putting a live text chat room on the website so some people can have direct help on our training. or maybe we could use it to help eachother by sharing what we all have learned during out training.

  10. Aidan Blackwood said:

    Hello chris. I think it would be awsome if you put a live text chatroom so you can give some of us direct help whener time is avalible. And all of us could share what we learned during our training. do you think you might be sble to do this

  11. Gabriel said:

    hey um i have a question. the web page is call black dragons temple, so do you own a temple? is the picture on the top of the page a pic of your temple? just curious oh and BTW, im working my way on making my own temple for the same purpose this webpage was created. bye

    love & light

  12. hey i think when u get realy good we call u master

  13. meditation is key: i recomend to any1 wanting to learn psychokinesis to find some sort of meditation. whether its yoga, tai chi, or listening to 1 of the meditation tracks.

    i dont have much success with the psy wheel but i picked up on pulsing a flame prety quickly. my tips to u guys starting out is.

    meditate with ear plugs, i find is the best way for me. u should hear a screech at first, as if someone just flat lined. but i figured its just thoughts all knotted up. listen to your thoughts, make sence of them, dont push them further into ur subconsiousness. once your thoughts are clear, breath, every breath you take must send u deeper into relaxation and dont let no thoughts come to mind just breath in and out..

    and chris i need to talk with you but it must b private.
    sorry newbies,
    learn fast dark days are ahead.

  14. sry earlier post has a bad email reach me thru this one.
    and i think u need some work on some of ur uncommon pk techniques, but over all good skill.

  15. meditation is key to pk..
    id recommend earplugs an a small tiled room or close walls like a stair case, tiles reflect energy around better then drywall and your energy fills the room around you like water and your focus is the rimples in the water the stronger your focus the bigger the rimples. so think of the room being like a pond and ur energy being the water, the smaller the pond the more the rimples bounceing around were as a big room the rimples will ware out befor it can come back to you.

  16. hello chris

    i have decided to start training in psychokinesis

    everyone tells me its the wind even when i turn it off

    so i keep a journal just like you

    i hope that one day my skills will be like yours

    but i do hav a problem….i dnt think your a god..i am a christian and i believe in one god and i worship him but i do think that you are a very skilled telekinetic

    thanks for the help 🙂

  17. Hey chris
    can you give me tips on how to start electrokenisis and pyrokenisis training

  18. Rahul Rajan said:

    Hai chris Today onwards i’m going to develop tk abilities.

  19. Hi Dear,

    I dont know any thing about these stuffs but i want to learn these plz tell me from where can i start

  20. Do men and women, need the same approches (frequency) for TK. It been a year that I am reading about ancient knowledge, and practicing TK and meditation. When I am in low frequency I cannot stay long, I fall asleep. But just before falling asleep, it is when I am having most result. How do I stay in the state of mind longer .

  21. Hey Chris.

    I’m living in South Wales!

    How long does it take to Unlock Your Subconsicous mind?


  22. daydestroyer12(youtube account) said:

    Hey I’ve been trying to learn aerokinesis but it won’t work and the clouds wont move. can you give me tips on how to do it? plus who taught you all these things?

  23. Hey, can you plz send me tips to even start training? I literally just started. My email is

  24. Kyle k said:

    Hey Chris iam new to this whole idea but iam really in to it I’ve tried developing my mind in such ways before but I always seem to come up short but your videos have provided a lot of inspiration for me and they really are a great Gide along the path iam currently taking but my question is have u ever tried having a psi wheel fight because I train with friends and we often do this for fun where you try to move the wheel in opposite directions and it’s interesting when you do this because you can actually feel the other person pushing and it’s almost as if each person has there own energy signatures because we could tell with out a word who out of the group was also trying to impose there will on the wheel also any advice for beginners

  25. Hi Chris, I’m new to Psionics and just started out. Do you think you could be my master and train me? I’d like to start out with Electrokinesis. Reply anytime your able.

  26. What is it like at Thailand?

  27. Hey Chris I am new to this and I need some help with levation and where do I need to mediate in Oder to levate

  28. Can you teach me how to do all the telekinesis, pschokinesis and other stuff step by step or something like that? PLEASE!!!

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