You Doubt My Power?


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doubt me

There are some people who doubt my potential ability for defying the forces of gravity and rising into the air. There is no room for these people in my life. For those who have faith in me, I thank you, and I ask you to continue to stand by my side, encouraging me, inspiring me, and pushing me to achieve the thing that no human has ever demonstrated to the world before … the skill of┬álevitation and human flight!

And to those that do doubt my potential power, I ask you to please remove the doubt from your heart, and replace it with faith.

Love & respects,

Chris Zanetti.


Training Update


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I am focusing more and more now on increasing the power of the energy required for body levitation and ultimately human flight. I am finding that it takes an extremely high degree of concentration and willpower to bring this levitation energy into reality. The intense focus on this energy can be very draining, emotionally, mentally & spiritually, and at the moment I can only hold the high level of energy for a few seconds at most. Todays flight training session was my best to date. I learned a lot being ‘in the zone’ even for just a few seconds.

I am of course still training in telekinesis, but I am discovering more and more as the weeks pass by that my highest passion, my highest desire, is to learn human flight. This is my ultimate goal, as many of you are already aware. I know that there are many of you out there who share the same dream as I … the dream of flying, and I am sure that you are also making good progress in your own training. Let’s begin to come together, to train as a group, a team, a family! Let’s show the world what we humans (or superhumans) are really capable of!

Please show your support by getting a copy of my book.

Love & respects!

My new book ‘Superhuman Training’ is now available!!!


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I am very happy to announce that my new book ‘Superhuman Training’ is now available to buy at my website at 40% discount off the normal retail price. Please show your support and order a copy of my new book today.

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Much love & respect,

Chris Zanetti.

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Expanding the Mind & Connecting with Source


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Mind Power

I am just recently beginning to enter new realms of exploration regarding the ultimate source power. It seems a connection must first be established before any significant power can be controlled through willpower or intent. As you may know, for many years I have been searching for the key to connecting with the supreme energy, and now I feel as though I have taken an important step forward in my understandings of the workings of the mind, and of the universe.

Psions & Sorcerers


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PowerIf you are training in psychokinesis, what title would you give yourself? What are you? Most likely, you consider yourself a psion, one who trains in psi energy.

However, for me, and I imagine there are others, the title of psion is not enough. I have considered adopting the title of wizard, but it doesn’t evoke the kind of awesome power and spiritual strength that I intend to develop. So I have chosen to adopt the title of sorcerer (as well as the title of psion).

There are some who would prefer that I not refer to myself as a sorcerer, because of the negative aspects associated with the word sorcery. But let me put those fears to rest right now. I am not a dark sorcerer, and am not involved in any kind of black magic. I am a ‘white sorcerer’, or better put, a ‘sorcerer of light’.

At the end of the day, a name is just a name. What really matters is the intention that you hold in your heart, whether it be goodness and love, or hate and fear. In this world, there are good doctors and bad doctors, good leaders and bad leaders, and likewise, there are good sorcerers and bad sorcerers.

What do you consider yourself to be? A psion? a wizard? a sorcerer? Or a mix of all three, perhaps? Whatever you choose to be, be that fully, and don’t allow the fears of others to sway you from your path.

The Nature of Levitation Energy


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levitation of rock

I’m in the middle of a levitation training session tonight (tinfoil balanced on needle), and want to comment on just how sensitive this levitation energy is. The mind vibration required is of such a delicate frequency that it is almost impossible to describe with words! It is almost other-worldly in nature. Certainly not a level of vibration or frequency that we humans use on a normal day-to-day basis. It feels like going beyond the natural human experience, and into the supernatural state of awareness.

This may or may not help you in your own training. As I say, it is hard to describe in words. There is not really a language for this kind of thing. It is way beyond language, and is purely a feeling-based form of communication with the natural forces around us. It is a delicate balance of willpower and emotion/feeling. The willpower is used to direct & power the object upwards, or make it rise. The emotion/feeling is the communication between you and the object.

I will continue my training now, but I just felt inspired to share this information with you. Much love and much respect.