I am a Sorcerer (working with elemental energy)


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Psions & Sorcerers


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PowerIf you are training in psychokinesis, what title would you give yourself? What are you? Most likely, you consider yourself a psion, one who trains in psi energy.

However, for me, and I imagine there are others, the title of psion is not enough. I have considered adopting the title of wizard, but it doesn’t evoke the kind of awesome power and spiritual strength that I intend to develop. So I have chosen to adopt the title of sorcerer (as well as the title of psion).

There are some who would prefer that I not refer to myself as a sorcerer, because of the negative aspects associated with the word sorcery. But let me put those fears to rest right now. I am not a dark sorcerer, and am not involved in any kind of black magic. I am a ‘white sorcerer’, or better put, a ‘sorcerer of light’.

At the end of the day, a name is just a name. What really matters is the intention that you hold in your heart, whether it be goodness and love, or hate and fear. In this world, there are good doctors and bad doctors, good leaders and bad leaders, and likewise, there are good sorcerers and bad sorcerers.

What do you consider yourself to be? A psion? a wizard? a sorcerer? Or a mix of all three, perhaps? Whatever you choose to be, be that fully, and don’t allow the fears of others to sway you from your path.

The Nature of Levitation Energy


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levitation of rock

I’m in the middle of a levitation training session tonight (tinfoil balanced on needle), and want to comment on just how sensitive this levitation energy is. The mind vibration required is of such a delicate frequency that it is almost impossible to describe with words! It is almost other-worldly in nature. Certainly not a level of vibration or frequency that we humans use on a normal day-to-day basis. It feels like going beyond the natural human experience, and into the supernatural state of awareness.

This may or may not help you in your own training. As I say, it is hard to describe in words. There is not really a language for this kind of thing. It is way beyond language, and is purely a feeling-based form of communication with the natural forces around us. It is a delicate balance of willpower and emotion/feeling. The willpower is used to direct & power the object upwards, or make it rise. The emotion/feeling is the communication between you and the object.

I will continue my training now, but I just felt inspired to share this information with you. Much love and much respect.

12-Week Intensive Levitation Training


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On 1st January 2013, I will begin a 12-week long intensive levitation training schedule, ending at the end of March. My passion for learning levitation and flight has brought me to a place where a need to train harder & with more focus. During these 12 weeks, I plan to gain a much better, much clearer understanding of the sensations, feelings, and mindset (or consciousness) required for actual levitation. This does not mean I’ll be training for 10 hours every day, as I have ‘normal’ life to live too, with certain commitments, just like you. But it does mean that I will be dedicating 2 – 3 hours exclusively to levitation and flight training every day.

I humbly request that during this 12-week training period, that you, my fellow psions, would telepathically send me ‘levitation energy’ or ‘rising energy’, that may allow me to utilize optimum energy levels for my levitation training. Your ‘thought-energy’ support would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll post various updates here on this website to let you know how this training period is going, as I know that many of you also have the desire to learn levitation, and it is good to share information. At the end of the 12-week training period, I’ll post a video on my Youtube channel, detailing the whole 12-week intensive training experience, and whether or not I was able to gain any beneficial insights into the art of levitation and flight training. Much love & respect!

The Path of a Psion


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The last few months have bought many distractions into my life, and the focus was taken away from my psion training.

Now I am at a place once again in my life where I can see things more clearly, where I can recognize the distractions of the modern world, and cast them aside. In doing so, in clearing my mind of the garbage of modern society, I feel that I can once again dedicate myself seriously to my training.

I realize that if I am ever going to achieve my goals & ambitions as a psion, then it is going to take single-minded focus, determination, and discipline.

I am going to continue to walk the path of the psion, and I hope you, my fellow psions around Panet Earth, will continue to walk the path too. Together we will change the world!

May The Force be with us, always!

Watch my Path of a Psion video here.

A Matter of Feeling



Just finished a 15-minute levitation training session (with psi wheel), and I was having the thoughts (regarding the nature of physical matter) that maybe matter doesn’t understand ‘words’ when trying to communicate with it. I was talking to the object (piece of tinfoil) requesting/commanding that it rise up/get lighter/levitate in order to complete my objective. But I noticed that forming the words in my mind, and projecting those words to the object, in an attempt to ‘communicate’ with the object, didn’t seem right somehow. Of course, matter is not going to speak English (or any other verbal human language), so the logical conclusion I made was that matter can only be interacted with, or communicated to, through feeling. And feeling involves emotion to some degree. So I figured that the language of communication that MATTER can understand, is FEELING.

Therefore, in order to give the command for the tinfoil to rise up higher, I had to convert the words/images into a feeling-based form of language. I had to experience the actual feeling of levitation in my own body/mind, so that the target object could understand what I want.

So the next time you are training in psychokinesis, whatever form of kinesis it may be, try focusing more on feeling, if you haven’t already done so. Think of it from the objects point of view, and then try to make it easier for the object to understand your commands. Of course, this isn’t a new theory, but I wanted to share it with you because I just had a direct experience of it myself in my training. Peace my fellow psions.